The vacuum cleaners for bakeries is an essential instrument for avoiding food contamination and all the consequent health problems.

Carrying out constant cleaning of electric ovens also prolongs their working lives, always maintaining a high level of efficency.

The Elsea guide contains all indications for choosing vacuum cleaners for bakeries, pizzerias and professional kitchens, whose use avoids running any risks during cleaning operations.

Vacuum cleaner for bakeries: the way to avoid dangers associated with cleaning ovens

It is well -know that food producers, in our case bakeries, must comply with the cleanliness and health standards, defined by the HACCP manual. Indeed, these activities bear a strong risk of contamination in all phases of processing, from storing flour to cooking in the oven.

The associated hygiene protocols also require checks on the cleanliness of work tools using surface buffers. Cleaning electric  ovens is therefore of fundamental importance for avoiding contamination, also because the cooking process is not hot enough to destroy all contaminant micro-organisms.

Unfortunately, cleaning staff may be subjected to various risks arising from their working conditions:

– high temperatures within the oven

– high temperatures of items to be removed (food remains can reach temperatures of up to 200 degrees);

– the depth  of the oven with the consequent need for extending accessories to guarantee complete cleaning of all cooking surfaces.

The vacuum cleaner for bakeries allows to circumvent these risks because it can be introduced into a lit oven, even if for a few seconds only, without the cleaning staff coming into direct contact with the high temperatures.

Furthermore, this type of vacuum cleaner is normally equipped with heat resistant accessories (such as the flexible tubes) which allow for reaching the most difficult areas of the oven; still without direct contact between the operator and areas of high temperature.

Vacuum cleaner for bakeries: Verso Oven and Ares Plus Oven

Elsea has designed and produced two models of vacuum cleaner for bakeries, purposefully developed for vacuuming residues from shelves of electric ovens.

These are the VERSO OVEN and ARES PLUS OVEN. The difference between the two machines is down to the provision of motors; two in the case of the Verso  Oven and one for the Ares Plus Oven.

In addition, the two vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters which have a high resistance to temperatures, a vacuum head in heat resistant materials and an optional set of oven tools.

For further information on the Elsea vacuum cleaners for bakeries, please contact our company managers using the form on this page.

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