The ELSEA focus on the environment

Our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our production in each step

An important part of our commitment has always been dedicated to ensuring that Elsea production has the least possible impact on the environment.

Thanks to the photovoltaic system built in 2008 right on the roof of the Elsea production buildings, we have achieved extraordinary results; starting with an obvious cost reduction, a pleasant side effect of what is the real and most important goal of starting this process of technological innovation: environmental protection.


Produzione annuale energia


Olio combustibile risparmiato


CO2 non immesso in atmosfera

We have chosen to use recyclable plastics and cartons for our packaging, and to this we have combined careful management of the waste related to our production. The Elsea plant is also authorized to recover rainwater: this allows us to cool the rooms in the summer using exchangers, thus obtaining an important benefit at no cost for the company and the environment

Use of recyclable plastics and cardboard
Sustainable waste management
Gestione sostenibile dei rifiuti

With this series of intuitions, gear of the engine directed towards a single goal, Elsea has managed to combine two apparently irreconcilable goals: economic profit and respect of the planet that hosts us; being a happy island in an increasingly polluted sea is one our greatest satisfactions