Air Control

The new AIR CONTROL EAS500 is an air purifer for dustyn places whose use is essential, for example during construction work where tools, that can’t be directly linked to a vacuum cleaner, generate heavy dusts. The air is purified thanks to the HEPA H14 filter. Moreover, the UV-C (100-280nm) lamp version adds a powerful gernicidal effect able to purify air killing bacteria, virus, spores, funguses, molds and mites. Our Air Control EAS500 is equipped with a satin stainless steel structure and a visual and sound alarm that informs when the HEPA filter is dirty.  The back-hatch allows a quick cleaning of the pre-filter G4. In addition, the handle has steel tabs to facilitate the cable’s winding. In conclusion, placing the machine at the outside of the area to be treated, it is possible to add a hood, which linked to the aluminium hose Ø140 extendable up to 3mt, allows the ventilation usage, suctioning from low pressure area.

MATERIAL Stainless Steel
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