STEAM COMBINATA: the top of the ELSEA multifunction steam/suction range. With its automatic charging boiler with a pressure of 10 bar, and an additional function for simultaneous steam/hot water/detergent dispensing, STEAM COMBINATA offers a compact design thanks to the suction unit and water/detergent tanks built into a stainless steel case. The double steam and steam/suction coupling means that two operators can use it at the same time. Steam Combined has a 3 l stainless steel boiler with built-in double heating element for a power of up to 3200 W. Automatic water charging in the boiler gives it an extended continuous uptime, even when used by two operators at the same time. The control panel comes compete with a 6-digit display to view the various operating messages, and three knobs to adjust the steam, hot water and detergent independently. The machine design includes a transport handle and an accessory holder on top. The wheels feature a sophisticated design with dirt guards and parking brake. The dirt suction compartment has a quick-release mechanism that is easy to use.


hot water

carpet cleaners

detergent tank




1 motor

MATERIAL Stainless Steel
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