This sweeper is born as an answer to the costant request of “man on board” machines even in the most limited spaces of business and production areas, deposits and shopping malls without having to give up the high performance that only biggest machines
generally give.

– Steel self carryng chassis
– Central and right side brush
– Steel container on wheels and extractable
– 4 m2 filtering surface (n.5 cylindrical filters)
– Powerful suction
– Electro-motorwheel traction of 700W
– Suction fan starting with independent engines and of high affidability
– Control in front of operator
– Pedals for the central brush insertion and the starting of lift-flap pedal
– Quick changing of the central brush and side brush in few minutes and without tools
– Battery version with a work autonomy of over 2 hours.
– Batteries are accessible from the seat.
– Electric filter buzzer
– Electronic speed control
– Battery level indicator
– Horn and flashing light on bonnet
– Perimetral bumpers and angular front wheels
– Anti-trace and super elastic rubber wheels
– Left side brush
– Polyester filter

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Technical specifications