Fitted carpet is very elegant and beautiful to see, but it also tends to get dirty and to become a breeding-ground for dust  mites. Fitted carpet cleaning must be periodically done, especially when it is used in shops or hotels. Elsea has a variety of machines that are specifically designed for this type of floor covering.

We suggest to clean your fitted carpet once or twice a week using  our Estro Hotwave 250, an injection/extraction-based machine  designed to guarantee a perfect and deep cleaning with the use of hot water. The injection/extraction method is based on the injection of a mixture of water and carpet shampoo that is then extracted from the fabric. This method is usually used for light colored and thick wall-to-wall carpeting.  Estro Hotwave 250 uses the cleaning power of hot water (max 90°) to give the best results.

After cleaning your fitted carpet, we suggest to immediately dry it using the suction power of our machine (2600W). This must be done in order to avoid the deterioration of fabric.

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